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The chosen one

Assalam aleikum,

I wanna say the truth that i found blogging really difficult for a bigginer ,no one maybe will find interestsing what you writte ,or maybe  you will not archieve your goals,but then i think again and how can i know this  if i dont try . For sure there is no wasted time when you say something that can help someone else ,that can inspire someone else , even if  you  are  not successful in what you do , there is no success better than inspiring and helping others.I have always been gratful to everyone in my life who has encourged me to not  stop , to do it , to  try it .

The most difficult period in my life was the moment when i felt like i was not able to do anything,when i thought that i have no talent,when i thought that i was good at nothing ,im not a depressive person fortunately and i always say to my self :there must be a way for everything .

I have never been a religous person till that moment ,the moment after i moved in Italy ,l lived with my brother and his family.I had nothing ,no work,no money ,no friends near me ,i didnt know anyone else expect my family here ,i was the worst version of my self ,but suddenly the magic happen …

One day I was taking on phone with a dear friend of mine,that also lives in Italy,but very far from me.And she said that after some days she would stats fasting because Ramadan was coming,she is a muslim too. I said thats good,i wanna do the same but you know i cant stay all day without drinking water (im that type of person who have always ,everywhere a bottle of water with her).She said : yes i know but Allah will make it easy for you. And this was the moment, i cant describe the magnificienc of this  moment ,it was something most powerful than me ,that my mind,that my heart ,in that moment i said,i decided ,i will do this, i will fast this year , God will make it easy for me . And that was all ,that was the moment that everything began,it comes peaceful ,without ceremony,it was the ceremony. I dint know anything in that moment about islam , i have never been curious of learning something about it.But thats the magic ,you dont decide ,you cant decide ,its everything part of a wonderful and perfect plan , not everyone can wake up a beautiful day and revert to islam,not everyone,you must be the choosen one , God guides in the stright path who He wants, in the right moment, and there is nothing else that can stop it .

Every muslim in the world has something more than everyone else,he is the chosen one ,God choosed you because He saw in you something that you and no one else can see , you have something that you still dont know you have ,God knows it,so seek his help to make it easy for you ,to make easy the way of discovering yourself.You have nothing to give to the world if you dont know the inner you,if you dont know what is in your heart.

There is magic in the heart of a believer ,there is God .

Please be thankful today for being the chosen one .





Selam aleikum to the one who is reading this post.

Glory and praise be to Allah (SWT).

Every single word is coming from my heart as a necessity of connecting with all the choosen ones from the Almighty .

I wanna share and go through my  wonderful experience as a muslim with all of you ,i wanna learn from and help ,i wanna grow with you . Elhamdulilah this is the first step , hoping Inshaallah not being the  only one.

Im almost one year old (as a muslim) an now i feel that this is the perfect moment to start walking .

This year was full of magical,dificult ,unexpected moment,full of tears ,smiles and what is the most beautiful thing to mention it was full of prayers .

My life changed so much and now i feel like i had no life before,I cant imagine my self in any other way.

God is near me and He is blessing me with his mercy every day  .

I wanna  share every secret that i ve learned and that is helping me for a better life  .

May we InshaAllah will heal and help eachh other to increase our conection with God .

Stay tuned and leave your opinion on my first post .

Are you curious for my next post ?

Let me know

May Allaah(SWT) bless you 🙂

Isra 🙂